Saint Patrick’s Day Activities for the Classroom

Holidays in the classroom can be stressful. Here are my favorite low-prep Saint Patrick’s Day activities you can use in your classroom tomorrow!

1. St. Patrick’s Day Coloring Activities

These activities are super low prep, and perfect for some meaningful review while celebrating the holiday. I have Saint Patrick’s Day coloring activities for:

Basically, the students decide their answer to each question, and they color the coloring sheet based on the answer they chose. This means that they are SO SO easy to check! Just literally look at how the picture is colored and you can tell if the student had the correct answers, or if they were a little off.

I’ve used these two different ways in the classroom. Option one: Use it as a center activity. All students need is the questions, coloring sheet, and crayons! Option two: Use as a whole class activity. Put some music on, dim the lights, and just let students work around the room! These are great if you’re short on time but still want to throw some Saint Patrick’s Day activities into your classroom. Click here to check them out!

2. Virtual STEM Building Challenges

Teaching virtually? These digital STEM challenges are the perfect activity to do with your students to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day. Students will drag and drop the virtual building blocks in order to complete each challenge on the screen.

Saint Patrick's Day digital STEM activity

3. St. Patrick’s Day Board Game

This FREE blank board game is St. Patrick’s Day-themed, and it’s COMPLETELY editable so that you can use it with any content! It comes with editable game cards that you can add your own questions to, or you can simply use it with task cards that you already have. Throw in dice and some mini erasers for game pieces and you’re set! Perfect for a center activity, or simply print a few gameboards and have students partner up to play! Click here to snag your free gameboard.

Saint Patrick's Day Board Game

4. St. Patrick’s Day STEM Challenge Task Cards

These are my favorite. I absolutely love anything that allows students to be creative, problem solve, and work together. And what better way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in the classroom than to build anything and everything that represents the holiday?!

Each of the task cards offers students a themed challenge to build with legos, hashtag blocks, or honestly any random materials you happen to have around the classroom! Click here to grab your set.

Use these Saint Patrick’s Day activities in YOUR classroom to celebrate!

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