Valentine’s Day Activities for Elementary Students

Valentine's Day activities for elementary students

Not a fan of holidays in the classroom? Reeaaaallly not a fan of Valentine’s Day in the classroom? I got you. Here are my top six *easy* Valentine’s Day activities to use year after year!

1. Valentine’s Day STEM Challenges

Valentine's Day activities and STEM challenges for elementary students

I use these STEM building challenges year after year, for every holiday and they’re always a hit. Sometimes I have my kids use legos or building blocks, but other times I just let them use random supplies from the classroom! (think: play doh, pipe cleaners, tissue paper, popsicle sticks, etc.) These are perfect for stations, OR you can pass one out to each student and have them work independently. Click here to check them out!

2. Color by Code Math Activities

valentine's day adding and subtracting fractions color by code

If you’ve never used color by number activities for math practice, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to try it out with your students! These activities are common core-aligned, engaging, and aboslutely no prep for you! Students will answer each math review question, and color the corresponding coloring page according to their answers. This means, you’ll be able to check their level of understanding just by looking at their completed picture!
Color by number activities are perfect for Valentine’s Day math centers, morning work, or independent practice. Grab the set you need and add them right to your Valentine’s Day lessons!

3. Digital STEM Challenges

Digital Valentine's Day activities

Notice a theme here? These are SO much fun, especially if you are teaching virtually or have one-to-one technology. Digital STEM Boom Cards are practically no prep and the PERFECT choice for Valentine’s Day. Students just log in, and get to work through the cards, dragging and dropping the virtual building blocks based on the directions on each card. Click here to snag a set!

4. Student Gift Pencil Tags

Valentine's Day activities for elementary students Pencil Tags student gifts

Okay these aren’t so much an activity, but an EASY student gift for Valentine’s Day. I print out a set of cute tags, tape them to Valentine’s Day pencils, and VOILA! Student gifts. They’re simple, adorable, and the perfect addition to your Valentine’s Day activities. Click here to see the different versions!

5. Valentine’s Day Gameboards

Valentine's Day activities for elementary students gameboard

I love this one because it can work for ANY classroom no matter what subject! This gameboard is Valentine’s Day-themed, and the game cards are editable, so you can easily create a review game for any subject! I love to use the dollar spot mini erasers as playing pieces. This is a great way to get some content or test-prep in even on Valentine’s Day! Click here to download.

6. Valentine’s Day Slime

Valentine's Day activities for elementary students Slime Making

This one can be controversial *I know* because slime is the nemesis of so many teachers BUT it seriously can be so fun with the right group of students. I have done it in the past and it’s a blast! Other than buying the materials it doesn’t take a ton of prep, but it does take a bit of cleanup. I usually give my kids the materials and the directions sheet and just kind of let them go at it and experiment! Click here to download the free directions sheet.

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